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About www.eobus.com
www.eobus.com, attached to Beijing LongTu Science & Technology Co., Ltd. in China, is built to provide information-exchange and communication service for global passenger bus industry. Since its inception, Eobus.com is committed to build a professional portal and strategic information platform at home and abroad with adhering to the service concept of "The window to China bus & coach".

From the website in the literal sense, "e" means Internet. More and more people would like to communicate through Internet due to long-distance problem. As a result, Eobus.com provides such kind of platform that the readers could search latest news, products, market analysis and photos related to bus & coach industry.

"o" means to be global, starting from China and then all other countries around the world, Eobus.com will offer more and more information for the global readers.

Relying on the strong network of technical advantages, Eobus.com is trying to subvert the service model of traditional media and dedicated to give a whole new experience to the readers in China and the world with its inherent pattern from the huge amount of information and product search function to the webpage design, brand planning and reader interaction. The website of www.eobus.com has a simple and clean user interface and is easy for the readers to browse while in searching the news, products, photos and other important information. Eobus.com has adopted an all-media approach in its release of news, including text, photos, video etc.. Stressing the interaction function of the Internet, Eobus.com trys to create an atmosphere of free communication on the bus industry in China and the world.

With the strong support of bus operators, industrial experts, bus builders and major suppliers around the world, Eobus.com is becoming the focus of bus & coach industry. At present, the registered readers of Eobus.com come across the country and around the world. By working with domestic and foreign readers, Eobus.com strives to create the greatest value of information, communication and interaction for our customers with continuous improvement.

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