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Anhui Ankai Automobile Co., Ltd is a listed company producing large and medium-sized coaches and bus chassis of various versions ranging from luxury to common. In July 22, 1997, Ankai was ceremoniously established. Three days after its establishment Ankai listed its shares (code 000868) at Shenzhen Stock Exchange. In 2003, it was re-engineered and merged successfully with JAC that is the largest as stockholder keeping 20.92%. The second stockholder is Anhui Investment Group CO., holding 19.34%.

The company has a coverage of 122,000 square meters, a total assets of 1.281 billion Yuan and 1048 employees. The annual comprehensive output is 8000 units including coaches and bus chassis (5000 complete coaches, 3000 chassis). In 1999, it was accredited with ISO9001 Certification of Quality System and passed the compulsory CCC accreditation first in the Chinese bus industry. In 2003, it won the title "the enterprise of contract-abiding conduct with credibility" and was accredited with the State Certification of Safety Enterprise.

The main products of Ankai include 'Ankai-Setra', Ankai highway bus, tour bus, city bus series and special chassis series for bus, with all the types ranging from 8m to 13.7m in length. In recent years, Ankai luxurious bus and bus chassis won the Anhui Provincial Famous Brand, Anhui Provincial Inspection-free Product successively and the bus chassis won the second prize of National Auto Technology Progress. Ankai Setra is developed and manufactured combined with the advanced technology introduced from German EVOBUS company, German Benz AG, it represents the top class product of present auto industry and is first awarded by the Ministry of Communications as Large High 3 Grade bus. Ankai Setra deluxe bus won the 5-Star Recommended Product of China City Tour deluxe and High-grade Bus in 3 successive years, and moreover, it created a excellent quality of 3.2 million km without major repair. In the national bus competition held in July 2005, Ankai Setra deluxe bus HFF6121K35 and Ankai sleeper bus HFF6137WK87 won the prize of China Bus Fuel-saving Golden Award and China Road Bus Golden Award respectively. In 2006, Ankai Setra coach Honor 400 won the Best Large deluxe Coach Award of BAAV.

Applying the international advanced technology, the company developed the following brand new city bus series: HFF6120GK159(low floor ), HFF6110GK50(LPG, hybrid), HFF6100GK39(dual fuel), HFF6850GK60, HFF6112GK50(electro), HFF6900GK51( CNG), first introducing the "integral designed body" technology into the field of city bus, complying with the design notion of"low floor, square style, big glass and digitalized". As a result, they are awarded as Large Top-class City Bus by the City Bus Commission of the Construction Department. The new developed electro city bus for the capital Beijing , powered by batteries, owns the merits of non-pollution and high environmental protection. This development plan is listed in the national 863 Project and Beijing Olympics Project. The city bus HFF6120GK88 won the 3rd prize of National Auto Technology Progress in 2005. This was the only award item in the country in that year.

Guided by the quality policy of to manufacture top-class product with advance technology and exquisite management; to improve the satisfaction of the customers with high-level skills and sincere service', the company faithfully provides internationally developed & domestically advanced deluxe bus, city bus, bus chassis and the best service for the customers.

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