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The YOUNGMAN Coach Company ,which is the pillar industriy in YOUNGMAN Commercial Vehicle Co.,Ltd has set up 11 new records from it was establshed. It guides and pushes the development and advancement in home coach area by leading professional technology and excellent performance and is to be the standard advocate and is honoured the most professional manufacturer in China.

YOUNGMAN Coach Company convers 640 mu. The technology for luxury coach and the top brand "NEOPLAN" was introduced in 1999. Adopted the outfit of technical drawing, the luxury coach marked "NEOPLAN" was assembled and finished by the staffs trained by "NEOPLAN Garmany" and was in charge of many foreign experts such as Mr. David who is the chief engineer in NEOPLAN.

The company building and production lines Workshop were disgined by the 9th Academy of Mechanical Industry,with 120.000m2 modern union building . It is the biggest production base of coach with integral body. The yearly output is 10000.

Up to now, there are 7series products with the body from 9m-25m,which covers all areas in coach,such as passanger service, travel,city bus and coach for special service.The coach with high quality marked "NEOPLAN" is keeping its leading place from 2001, and the market share is over 80%, the city bus with low floor frame is monopoly of Chinese market ,and it awards a bit of 1000 in Beijing City Bus Bidding for Olympic The staffs of YOUNGMAN Company explores potential markets worldwide, and it is exported to Europe, America, Russia, Korea, Singpore, Middle East. YOUNGMAN's coach is a deservedly famous brand .

The guider of Coach industry Standard

> The originator of Class 3 coach JNP6125-A;
> The originator of using the space above the driver in sleep coach 6127W;
> The originator of using the space above the driver in coach 6127F;
> The originator of 13.7m coach JNP6137;
> The originator of 13.7m sleep coach JNP6137W;??
> The originator of using the space above the driver in 13.7m coach 6137F;
> The originator of high speed double-decker coachJNP6137S;
> The originator of momocoque low floor city bus JNP6120G;
> The originator of 13.7m low floor city bus JNP6137G;
> The originator of 18m hinge low floor city bus JNP6180G;
> In 2006 produced the first 12.4m high speed double-decker coach ;
> 25m double hinge low floor city bus;

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