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Scania Higer A80 passed European Rollover Test
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On July 1st,  based on the ECE R66-01Bus Upper Framework Strengthnorm published by UN European Economy Committee,  Higer Bus Company Limited completed the tilt test successfully on the 12-meter SCANIA-HIGER A80 luxury bus in China Quality Supervision and Testing Center for Bus (Chongqing). Higer becomes the first bus enterprise who succeeded in such test after the new test standard comes into force.

Compared to R66-00, the previous tilt test standard which the domestic bus manufacturers were obliged to comply with, this test is more strict, and it is the most applicable and rigid tilt test standard in the world for the time being. As Mr. Wang,  the engineer from VCA in charge of the evaluation work of this test introduced, the new released standard has been widely recognized in Europe. It is not only applicable for European buses but also for other countries and areas including Middle East, Australia and so forth. Higer Bus Company Limited is honored to be the first bus enterprise in China to achieve the success in conformity with the new standard.

The complex process of tilt test has strict requirements in terms of weight balance, layout, structure and so forth, after being checked several times in the test center SCANIA-HIGER A80 fulfilled its expectation. As Engineer Wang explained, success or failure, mainly depends on whether the vehicle can protect the living space from being undermined after the tilt test. It requires sufficient strength of the bus framework. SCANIA-HIGER A80 did it, what's more, the critical tilt angle reaches up to 39 degrees. "As we can see, it's a great success," Engineer Wang said excitedly after the test.

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